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Born in Akita, Japan in 1981. Studied at Tokyo School of Music and Peridance Capezio Center, Broadway Dance Center NYC. Train UK Jazz Dance(UK underground Jazz dance style, born in the 70’s which features fast & furious steps and improvised dance) under Jerry Barry and Gary Nurse(IDJ) ,Irven Lewis and Wayne James(Brothers in Jazz), Horie Haruki(Sound Cream Steppers). In 2015, he met a one big mural “Akita no Gyoji” painted by Tsuguharu Foujita, and got deeply impressed and began to study Japanese folk performing art. Performed dance piece “Akita no Gyoji” at Hie Hachiman Shrine(Organized by Akita Museum of Art). In 2016, YOSHITAKA and preservation society of Hanekawa Kenbayashi (Intangible folk-cultural properties, designed by Akita city) revised sword dance. Now he is basing in Amsterdam and performing “Fusion Japanese Folk Art”(UK Jazz Dance x Japanese folk performing arts) in Europe. Ogata-mura support ambassador.
1981年秋田市生まれ。秋田高校卒。東京スクールオブミュージック卒業後、2005年に渡米。Peridance Capezio Center, Broadway Dance Center NYCでダンスを学ぶ。NYハーレムにあるアポロシアター「アマチュアナイト」で準優勝2回。即興で、激しく、高速ステップで踊るUK Jazz Dance を得意とする。
2009年世界1周ダンス放浪の旅を経て帰国。SMAP”We are SMAP”コンサートツアー、北京公演やケツメイシ、氷川きよしのバックダンサーを務める。2012年に渡英、UK Jazz Dance Bebop style創始者Brothers in JazzのIrven Lewis, Wayne Jamesに師事。ハイネケン全世界CM、SONYブラジルW杯CM、Incognito、Mario BiondiのPVに出演。2014年に一時帰国。故郷秋田にて藤田嗣治の大壁画「秋田の行事」に出会い、秋田の民俗芸能や祭りなどを学び、2015年日吉八幡神社にて「秋田の行事」を踊りで表現し奉納する。(秋田県立美術館主催)
2016年には秋田市無形民俗文化財「羽川剣ばやし」の失われた剣舞を創作し、復活させた。2016年末よりオランダに拠点を移し、ヨーロッパ各地でUK Jazz Danceと日本の民俗芸能を融合させた表現でパフォーマンスしている。大潟村応援大使。
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I danced “Akita no Gyoji” at an event for a mural by Tsuguharu Leonard Fujita at a performance sponsored by Akita Museum of Art at Hie Hachiman Shrine in October 2015. It depicts the season and festivals of Akita. More than 400 people came to enjoy the performance. Though it was my very first time to express a painting by dance, I felt a good response and big possibility after the performance. I’d like to study and absorb a lot of folk performing arts and culture of Akita including “Akita no Gyoji”, “Akita Ondo”(teodori dancing) and “Namahage Daiko”(drum playing). I will perform them mixed with my own dance to create a new style. I hope European people will watch my performance. To express folk performing arts of Akita/Japan, I’m thinking to have my base in The Netherlands and play an active part in Europe.